One special investment that needs to be taken care of and looked after in the most effective ways is a car. Cars generally are always destined to depreciate in quality over a given period. In that cause, breakdowns are meant to happen and no car will ever be immune to that. However, you can slow down the depreciation process and ensure your car drives and feels as new for the longest time possible. There are several methods that can make it possible such as good driving habits, frequent servicing and regular maintenance among more.

But still there is one more important role you’ve got to play and that is all about purchasing an extended warranty plan. Also known as vehicle service contract, this plan works by protecting the car and the car owner from costly car maintenance. Through the provider companies, any event that needs a repair or replacement and is covered against will be covered by the provider. The car owner will need to pay a small deductible in an event the covered parts is damaged.

Carshield is among the leading extended warranty provider you can choose to partner with in the journey of securing your car. However, the real boggling problems with lots of customer is the cost of Carshield extended warranty plans. That includes the cost of plans on a monthly basis, deductible and the downpayment.  Read on as you get to understand more on the cost of Carshield extended warranty plans per month

Carshield extended warranty plan prices

Carshield offers extended warranty plans that come with consumer-friendly price tags. That ensure that customer enjoy the luxury of getting premium protection from unforeseen damages at only an affordable price. To make it easier for a customer to fully understand how much the Carshield extended warranty plans cost a month, here is thew breakdown;

Monthly cost of Carshield plans

Once again, Carshield is one company that highly considers the will of their customers and that has made the cost of plans low. The minimum amount a customer can pay for a Carshield plan on a monthly basis begins at $90. The price can go to a maximum of up to $130 depending on the type of plan a customer considers. Remember, the price one pays on a monthly basis is not even across the board. That means that each plan comes with their own prices depending on the number of parts a customer wants covered.

Carshield plans’ average cost

Having looked on the monthly price of Carshield plans, we now get overt and learn of the average price of Carshield plans. Carshield plans prices are relatively thanks to the discounts and promos put in place. As a new customer looking forward to securing your car with Carshield, you are advised to budget out for $130 per month. However, with the entry of discounts, the price can go down to about $100.

On top of that, you are also required to have an extra $100 for the deductible if that applies. That will total down to over $200.

Annual Carshield Plans’ prices

In addition to the information above, we also find it worthy knowing what price you are likely going to spend yearly on Carshield extended warranty. Now, since we’ve determined the monthly price of a Carshield plan being $100 plus the $100 for deductible the answers is obvious. As a car owner, you have to budget separately around $1,000 to $2,500 annually for coverage.

From the information above, we can conclude that indeed Carshield offers the most affordable price per plan. Also, the amount you are likely to spend will depend on various factors such as the age of the car, mileage, condition and the year model.

Check out the table below that shows different quotes presented by Carshield to various car models.

Model typeDeductiblePlanDurationDown paymentMonthly payment
2017 Sedan$130DiamondUnlimited1 month$100
2018 Mid-size sedan$100GoldUnlimited1 month$99
2013 Sedan$100GoldUnlimited1 month$99
2017 Truck$130PlatinumUnlimited1 month$100
2016 Compact Crossover$100Diamond125,000 miles/ 4 years$295$100 (18 month)

Benefits of getting an extended warranty from Carshield

Its is now clear and evident that Carshield is a top tier provider when it comes to extended warranty provision. As a result of that, as a customer, you have several benefits you are going to enjoy.

  • Peace of mind- This is the pure calmness and relaxation even on the worst scenario cases given your car is covered by an extended warranty plan. An extended warranty from Carshield will turn that into a reality.
  • Save cost- This is arguably the ultimate goal of an extended warranty plan. Carshield’s plans will cushion you from any financial constrain resulting from car maintenance


Carshield monthly payment for the extended warranty plans will start at only $90 depending on the parts you need covered that being the type of plan you aim for. The price is so much fair given the high rising cost of maintenance. Carshield also performs better in terms of service provision. The company has got reliable customer care service that help big time and not forgetting faster claim process that are now paperless!

Carshield is the perfect extended warranty provider when looking to secure your investment from any unprecedented breakdowns that are costly. You can get in touch with them and find yourself a quote that suits your needs.