Do you own any Ford model, and do you need to protect it from unforeseen and unprecedented problems? Well, you might have come across several ways of getting through faults and breakdowns, but there is little to this you are about to read on. Ford extended warranty is the magical word you have been missing or perhaps have come across but chose to ignore. This type of warranty is just an extension to the factory warranty and covers the vehicle from sudden and costly repairs.

Ford extended warranty is a vital warranty you can bank on since it comes with plenty of plans and is more flexible. Remember, that factory warranty that your brand-new Ford model comes with does not stay there for eternity. In most instances, the factory warranty of most Ford models goes for up to 3 years/36,000. Once the expiry period reaches, you have no option but to meet all the costs from repairs and replacement alone. You might face it a bit rough once your car develops severe and more problematic issues.

Gladly, an extended Ford warranty is here to secure your car and help you swerve through all significant and expensive maintenance costs effortlessly. You can purchase an extended warranty from any Ford dealership or third-party vendor. Among the best and most reliable vendors are; Endurance, Carshield, Carchex, Protect my car, Autopom, Forever car and Olive.

What are the prices of a Ford extended warranty?

Shopping for an extended warranty Ford might seem like such an easy affair, but that is far from the truth. You have to remember that shopping for an extended warranty is as technical as shopping for a car. First, there has to be a set of guidelines and principles you have to consider when shopping. That will streamline the entire process of securing a plan that fits all your needs. After that, you must research the best Ford warranty extended.

But before looking into the guidelines you need to follow, let’s check how much you expect to pay for an extended warranty from Ford.

Ford extended warranty price.

Let’s dig into the various prices from different extended warranty providers;


Carchex is one of the oldest extended warranty providers, with over 20 years in the market. With such a considerable time in the industry, the extended warranty provider has garnered global recognition and, thus, many accolades and a positive reputation. If you need your Ford model covered to the fullest, then Carchex is where to inquire about a plan. Below are the plans offers with prices and duration.

  • Titanium- This plan is the most extensive and works similarly to the factory warranty. It covers most parts of a car, and its list of exclusions is tiny. Depending on the time you need to keep your vehicle, you can get covered by a Titanium plan for over ten years.
  • Platinum- Closely follows Titanium and covers quite a considerable number of parts. They include; Parts covered by gold, bronze, and silver plans, suspension, and some electrical components.
  • Gold- Suits well vehicles that are beyond 60,000 miles mark and covers significant parts within the vehicle
  • Silver- Covers most powertrain parts, fuel injection systems and some electrical components.
  • Bronze- This is the least expensive plan and primarily covers the powertrain and drivetrain parts.

Ford extended warranty costs by Carchex are not fixed by depends on various factors such as mileage, age and the model’s condition. However, the average price of the extended warranty plans for Ford is around $1,500. Besides, there will be deductibles included as well.

#2. Car shield

Car shield is another reliable extended warranty provider you have to check out. Below are several extended warranties plans to secure your Ford models. Once again, there is no specific price for a Ford extended warranty coverage; prices depend on the types of projects, mileage of the vehicles and age.

  • Diamonds- Works just like the factory warranty and covers many parts, from powertrain parts to other minor parts within the car.
  • Platinum- Best coverage for vehicles with higher mileage. It Covers Air conditioning, fuel pump and water pump.
  • Gold- Covers fewer parts than Platinum, with a few powertrain parts included.
  • Silver- It covers the most critical parts of a vehicle and is the most affordable.


Ford extended warranty is the way to go if you want to secure your vehicles from any unpredicted problems at all costs. When shopping for one, there are always factors you’ve got to consider before booking a plan. That includes; Types of plans, deductibles involved, coverage duration, mileage, conditions of the car, and age.

Sadly, there are no fixed prices for Ford extended warranties; rather, the pricing depends on the abovementioned factors. If you need to keep your Honda in good shape for the long run, then consider securing a plan right away.