Do you have a used car that is over 100,000 km? Are you in the search for an extended warranty? If you have a reliable vehicle that you don’t want to lose, you have to make sure you maintain it with regular checkups whenever you think some of its parts are faulty. Getting the best extended car warranty for your used vehicle is a great way to keep it protected

An extended warranty is a vehicle service contract that protects your vehicle by covering the costs of repairs in case there is a breakdown or your vehicle encounters some problems. An extended warranty is perfect for when your manufacturer’s warranty expires and it’s meant to protect used or older cars that may be over 100,000 km

It is often hard to get an extended car warranty for cars over 100,000 km but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You can find several extended warranty auto providers that will cover your car that is over 100,000km. But to do this, you have to understand and put the following into consideration;

Is an Extended Warranty Necessary?

If you have a used or older car, then an extended warranty is for you as protection and cover for costly repairs. This is because 89% of all cars need repair and a large part of those have definitely surpassed 100,000km. And if your vehicle has passed the 100,000km mark, then getting an extended warranty is the best way to keep it running without having to encounter expensive repair costs

If you want peace of mind and you are willing to trade that in for money to purchase an extended warranty, then you don’t have to worry about costly car repairs

Getting an extended car warranty in Toronto can save you money that you would have otherwise spent on costly repairs. Having this contract will protect you from paying out of pocket every time your vehicle has a breakdown

Extended warranty companies also provide several products and services that will allow you to choose a plan that is perfect for you. This is because you can customize the warranty to suit your specific needs

If your vehicle is unreliable and often encounters complications, getting an Ontario extended car warranty is a great option but if your car doesn’t require that much maintenance, then an extended warranty isn’t necessary for you

Extended warranties come in handy if you want extra perks besides the usual vehicle protection against car repairs. You can also get roadside assistance, travel assistance, rental reimbursement and more

What Extended Warranties Cover on Used Cars?

Extended warranty options vary from company to company but you can expect the following from most companies;

  • Extended Power train Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Air-conditioning
  • Extended Service Contract
  • Braking and Steering
  • Suspension
  • Electrical Components
  • Engine Replacements
  • Fuel Systems
  • Audio Systems

Extended warranties on used cars usually cover the above and more, depending on the used car warranty company you select. Some may also offer 24/7 roadside assistance, gas delivery and more. Hence, it’s important to research for the best-extended warranty providers to get the best deals for your used car warranty in Alberta

Issues That May Affect Cars Over 100,000km

It’s important to remember that once your vehicle reaches and passes the 100,000 km mark, it experiences wear and tear and the more it gets older, it will start to break down. These are the things that your vehicle may start to experience;

Spark plugs may need to be replaced. Mechanics have noted that 25% of vehicles between the 100,000 and 105,000km mark may need replacement of the spark plugs which cost between $60- $180

Older vehicles may need wear and tear maintenance which may cost $15- $120 for oil changes, $75- $150 for power steering fluid and more

Since the power train coverage keeps your car running, as your vehicle gets older, you may experience power train failure

Your car may have electrical and fuel system issues as it ages and because technologies in modern cars make repairs expensive, you may find that replacing older components will cost you extra

Older vehicles may have squeaking or grinding brakes and if you hear this, you should get it checked by a mechanic

Cars with over 100,000km also encounter faulty transmission

Maintenance for Cars Over 100,000km

If you want your vehicle to keep running smoothly and for as long as possible, then you should consider doing maintenance procedures and repairs such as the following;

  • Getting new spark plugs
  • It’s important to get acquainted with your car’s manual recommendations since every car is different
  • Rotate the tires to avoid costly blowouts and make sure your tires wear evenly
  • It’s important to schedule regular maintenance
  • Testing and replacing your vehicle’s battery whenever necessary

Finding the Best Deals on Extended Warranty for Cars Over 100,000km

Having looked at the issues that may affect your older vehicle and how to keep them under control, it’s now time for you to consider searching for the best-extended warranty for your car and the best way to get the ones with great deals is by doing the following;

When you are purchasing an extended warranty, it’s important to get more comprehensive plans to get the best deals

You should know the rules if you have a used vehicle such as extended warranties cover the mileage in the car in its entirety and not only on the amount of mileage you’ve put on it

When looking for an extended warranty that is perfect for you, try to consider what your ultimate goals are with your car. Whether it’s for long term use or for sale in a few years, whatever it is, to choose a warranty that is right for you, you have to put that into consideration

Looking at your vehicle’s repair history is also important to determine the best-extended warranty coverage

Make sure you have read and know what’s covered in your warranty contract. And consider what is not covered that needs to be

It’s relevant to plan early and strategically, you can do this by researching your make and model and what might go wrong with your car

Therefore having looked at ways to find great deals on extended warranty, below are a few of the best car warranty companies for cars over 100,000km;

Warranty CompanyCoverageCoverage Limit
CarShieldMainly the major and minor car parts like the engine200,000 miles
FidelityCovers mechanical engine breakdown, transmission and drive axle120,000 miles
Protect My CarIncludes a 30-day ,money back guarantee and 24/7 roadside assistance125,000 miles
CARCHEXCoverage for 24/7 roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, gas delivery, transmission, steering and more250,000 miles
American Auto ShieldRoadside assistance, restaurant-expense coverage, transmission and more300,000 miles
EnduranceEngine, electrical system, seals and gaskets and more critical components of the car200,000 miles

All in all, when trying to get the best-extended warranty for a car that is over 100,000 km, it’s extremely important to research the best companies and how to get the best deals as well as considering why an extended warranty is relevant in this situation. Analyzing any defects that might affect your vehicle while practicing maintenance of your car to suit your warranty needs is relevant as seen above