Are you looking for the best-extended warranty coverage provider you can entrust with your automobile here in Canada? Look no further because Carshield is one of Canada’s best and most trusted extended warranty providers. Carshield is an extended warranty-providing company that has runs here in Canada and other neighboring states for over a decade now.

Those who have been grappling with whether Carsheild offers services here in Canada have an answer now.

Further below, we are going to have deep insight into Carsheild. In addition to that also get to understand the kind of plans the provider offers and the prices for these plans too.

Why is Carshield so positively reputable?

Carshield gets classified as one of Canada’s best-extended warranty providers. But why is that so? This is one question that many car enthusiasts wish to find an answer. Well, Carshield topping as the country best extended warranty provider comes at a cost. There must be several factors behind it. That includes;

#1.A long-time existence in the market.

For your information, Carshield wasn’t introduced recently into the country; the company kickstarted operations in 2005. That is equivalent to now over two decades and still going. Since its introduction in the country over that period, Carshield has been able to offer coverage to over 1 million automobiles nationwide.

The company has set up different branches in most of the country’s regions to tap into more customers and explore the vast market. The effort has been thriving since more customers have flocked in, raising the company’s rating.

#2.Affordable extended warranty plans

All vehicles made are never made to be purely immune to any damages. Once in a while, the car will break down and require a repair or a replacement in the worst-case scenario. Unfortunately, some of the faults that occur are very harsh and expensive to manage. That vast burden imposed on the car owner could be so severe. Therefore, the best remedy remains to be “extended warranties.”

Carshield has been a good provider and has done so by ensuring that customers get the best experience at an affordable rate. The company offers over six coverage plans, each with its covered parts, duration, and cost depending on the number of parts covered.

  • Diamond- This is a top-tier extended warranty plan by Carshield and covers most car parts from the front bumper to the rear bumper. This coverage plan is more expensive since it covers most parts of a car compared to other policies.
  • Platinum- This coverage plan follows closely behind the Diamond plan and is slightly less expensive than the Diamond coverage plan.
  • Gold- This coverage primarily covers a vehicle’s powertrain parts, including the; Engine, transmission system, axle, crankshaft, and suspension system. On top of that, some additional parts included in this plan are a water pump, alternator, starter, and air conditioning system.
  • Silver- Covers mainly the powertrain parts and the water pump system.
  • Aluminum-This coverage targets high-tech parts, including most electrical components such as the navigation system and the engine control module.
  • Motorcycle and ATV. This plan covers motorcycles and ATVs. It covers the suspension system and powertrain system.

#3.Extra benefits included.

One culture most extended warranty providers’ always practice is the introduction of extra benefits enjoyed on top of the coverage plans. Carshield goes the extra mile to ensure that the customer wants the most benefits as much as possible. These benefits include;

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Free towing services if a customer requires one
  • Battery jump starts
  • Lockout services
  • Tire repair services
  • Trip interruption coverage ($50 per day for three days)
  • Rental car reimbursement ($40 per day up to a week)

Carshield exclusions.

Carshield being one of the top-tier and most preferable extended warranty providers, there still are some exclusions by its plans. The exclusion includes parts that can’t fit into the plan’s coverage. Such exclusions include;

  1. Collision damages
  2. Damages from the owner’s ignorance and neglect
  3. Environmental factors
  4. Improper repairs
  5. Wear and tear faults, such as worn brake pads and clutch plates
  6. Regular maintenance like oil changes


Refrain from thinking that a factory warranty covers your car. That Is because most factory warranties do not last, and within a short period, you will begin to feel the pinch from costly maintenance. recommends car owners secure extended warranty plans from Carshield, as it is available here in Canada. The company offers impressive extended warranty plans to keep your car in great shape for the longest time possible.

Currently, Carshield is rated as follows;

  • Industry standings- 4 stars
  • Affordability- 5 stars
  • Coverage- 5 stars
  • Customer service- 4 stars