Subaru a powerful performance car build for nothing by performance. In that case, many drivers will want to push the vehicle past its limit. Subaru does its job well and just as perfectly, even on extreme performance. The rigid and robust nature of the Subaru model is one of the core reasons why many new-time buyers are going for these models.

The reputation built so far is convincing and the reason for the increased Subaru exportation from Japan. In case you did not know, Subaru is a Japanese automaker. One thing so familiar with Japanese vehicles is their quality of them. Unfortunately, that never lasts for eternity nor keeps the car in great shape forever. After a given period, that new feel, touch, and strong performance begin to peel off.

That is why extended car warranties can warrant Subaru vehicles. This warranty plays a massive role in seeing the car through sudden breakdowns and unburdening the owner’s wallet from the enormous expenses involved.

What are the pros of buying a Subaru extended warranty?

Subaru models usually come with a factory warranty that covers the vehicle from mechanical and electrical faults. However, its duration is always short-lived since most Subaru models come with a factory warranty with a 3-years duration. During this period, the manufacturer will be responsible if the vehicle gets faulty.

But now, what happens once the three years of factory warranty coverage are due? Fortunately, there is a way out. The introduction of an extended warranty for Subaru beats any problems. Currently, there are two ways to go about securing your Subaru.

You can either choose to secure an extended warranty from Subaru themselves or a third-party dealer.

Subaru extended warranty

This is an extended car warranty that is purchased from the manufacturer. Subaru’s extended warranty, called the Added security, comes in two main plans. That is Gold Plus and Classic. All the two cover different parts but have the same deductible of $100 and must be purchased before the 36,000 miles mark is passed. The Subaru extended warranty price varies depending on the specific plan you are going for.

Extended warranty from third-party providers.

On the other hand, you can get an extended warranty from third-party dealers. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is one of the best dealers you can go for. Unlike purchasing an extended warranty from the manufacturer, a third-party extended warranty comes with additional amenities. They include; Lots of plans, extensive coverage and flexibility.

Pros of Subaru extended warranty.

Is Subaru’s extended warranty worth it? Here are some of the best reasons why investing in an extended warranty for your Subaru won’t be a miss.

Extra benefits come along.

Those car owners with extended warranties can testify to the benefits of extended warranty coverage. There is more than just protection from any unforeseen breakdowns in the vehicle. Once you purchase an extended warranty, you will enjoy lots of extra benefits never seen before.

Some of them include;

  • Gas deliveries when you are out of gas
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Battery jump-start
  • Flat tire changes
  • Lockout services
  • Car reimbursement due to trip interruption.
  • Loading expenses when 50 miles away from home.

These and many more benefits can be enjoyed by you once you decide on getting an extended warranty Subaru.

Coverage of “cause and effect” damages

The “cause and effect” coverage comes in when your vehicle damages the non-covered parts, and the covered components get hurt. Once such an event happens, the two parts together will be covered for when a claim is made.

Also, the Subaru extended warranties provided by the manufacturer cover the parts that undergo a gradual reduction in performance. The plans can sometimes include these parts and even the wear and tear parts


An extended warranty can be transferable.

The ability to transfer the extended warranty to another owner once a resell happens is so good. The transfer can be done to see the contract be moved on to the vehicle’s new owner. That means that the protection continues even after selling the car.

Saves cost

If you own a vehicle, then you can relate to how hectic and expensive maintaining one is. Fueling, repairs, regular servicing and upgrades can “kill” you. What if you have a problematic Subaru vehicle with contact powertrain problems? That makes Subaru extended warranty the only reasonable solution to beating all the massive expenses and, in return, saving money.


Regarding reliability on a scale of zero to ten, Subaru comes at around 8.5. That is pretty good since most vehicles go lower than that. However, you will come across breakdowns and damages.

Sometimes, the problems worsen and call for more money to fix. To avoid all the frustration, you need to invest in Subaru extended warranty. According to the plan you go for, the only instance you will pay your penny will be on a one-basis or monthly. Eventually, you end up having a fixed budget and plan.