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      Kia is a South Korean automobile maker that is well-known and reputable. The company makes tons of vehicles coming in different designs and models. Sedans, SUVs, Sports cars, Hybrids as well as luxury vehicles are what the company produced and has been doing so since 1944. Under Hyundai which is the parent to KIA motors, Hyundai has injected its spirit into KIA. That is producing quality and reliable vehicles for the customers. With that spirit in production, this had improved the sales of the company and made it trusted and worth by most car owners. KIA is one carmaker that does not disappoint when it comes to car making. Unlike its counterparts, the company produced vehicles with unique and out-of-the-ordinary designs and not forgetting the ultra-sleek features incorporated. KIA has grown tremendously and seen its products sell in almost every corner of the globe. It’s by no chance that you will miss spotting a KIA vehicle’s cruise on any of the roads here in Canada. The engineering and structural designs make KIA models the best fit for most roads here in Canada. A combination of engine power, super-strong suspension systems, great braking system, modern driver-assistance features and top-notch safety features are just the tip of the iceberg and what makes KIA the best option to some. If you are after a vehicle that incorporates all that in one model then going for KIA won’t be a regrettable option.

      Here are some of KIA’s best cars

      SedansHatchbacksCrossovers/SUVStation wagonsVans
      KIA ForteCeedSoulCeedCarens
      KIA K5ForteNiroCarnival
      KIA K7PicantoSorento
      KIA K9RaySportage
      According to repair pal, KIA manages to scroop an outstanding rating of 4.0 out of 5. This is research was based out of various factors that were looked into in order to judge out the car’s reliability score. Out of the 300+ models tested and researched on, it was clearly evident that KIA motors were a no brainer and real deal when it comes to reliability. This rating makes the car maker come out as 3rd out of 32 best worldwide producers. This is a good position and actually puts the carmaker a t the forefront compared to its counter parts. However, just a disclaimer, the above ratings do not mean that KIA motors produce vehicles that are perfect and immune to bs breakdowns. Just like any other man-made machineries out here, vehicles are all entitled and destines to depreciate as time passes by. The condition in which your car is in while its still new, won’t be the same lets say five or ten years to come. This means that in between here, there will be breakdowns and faults all along. This is when now when what is currently known to date as warranty was introduced in the market. Almost every product that comes out of a factory be it; electronic, vehicles or machineries, all comes with what is known as the factory warranty. The factory warranty is a form of warranty that is an agreement between the automaker or the factory and the buyer that acts as assurance to repair or replace any defects on the product for a given period in a case of a workmanship error or material damage due to mechanical failures. This warranty has a given duration of use after which it expires and makes you the owner entitled to all repair and replacement costs. KIA motors offer a factory warranty to all of its models produced with a minimum duration of 3 years. But do not worry even if the duration seems that less, you have an option of getting a KIA extended warranty. This is an option that was introduced to acts as a continuation to the factory warranty once it expires. It can be offered by KIA itself as the maker of the product or third-party sellers. Many car owners will go for it simply because it saves big. From huge repair and replacement expenses, high resale value to peace of mind. Why not get yourself a KIA extended warranty? KIA extended warranty costs range from $1,500 to $4,000. Now without an extended warranty, you are exposed to paying huge bills when your car becomes faulty. If you live under a tight budget, then you might have it rough and find the expenses unbearable. Here is a brief summary of what you might pay without an extended warranty.
      Car partRepair  Price
      Engine mount replacement$300-$500
      AC condenser replacement$450-$600
      Radiator fan motor replacement$500-$700
      Brake pad replacement Catalytic converter repair and replacement$100-$200 $2,500
      Ignition coil replacement$250
      Suspension repair Transmission rebuild Air conditioning Electrical parts Fuel system repair Wiper blade replacement Air filter replacement Wheel alignment Engine rebuild Head gasket Engine block Cylinder replacement Bent frame Steering rack Heater core Axle shaft Power control module Electric battery replacement Camshaft repair Turbocharger assembly replacement Diesel particulate filter  $784 $1,864 $650 $675 $1,033 $50-$80 $90 $145 $4,000 $1,500 $3,500 $2,000 $10,000 $1,100 $1,000 $2,000 $1,679 $6,000 $3,000 $4,000 $4,000
        As from the above table, it’s evident that looking after a car is never a walk in the park. Brace and prepare yourself to meet the expenses that will come along. But with a KIA extended warranty, all will be fine. Well, here are some of the coolest models produced by KIA;

      KIA Telluride

      Starting in 2016 as a concept car, the KIA Telluride is an exceptional and out-of-the-ordinary mid-size crossover. KIA has put in a tremendous amount of effort in producing KIA  Telluride models which have been received positively by car-enthusiast. KIA Telluride speaks for itself first with its might, rugged and beast-like exterior. Apart from that, luxury and rich-like comfort has also been incorporated into the car. Performance and the crazy lasts technological and modern features cannot be forgotten too. The car is packed with robust features that once one is aware of cannot afford not to purchase one. Under the hood, you will come across a V-6 engine naturally placed in its place. When running, the might engine can pump out a whopping 291 horsepower as well as 262 pound-feet of torque. If you are the type of person who loves cars that have a powerful powertrain system then this is the one to go for. On top of the amazing engine features, the transmission comes in a 6-speed form which pairs with the engine power and ensures that power reaches the wheels of the mighty KIA Telluride. Apart from the engine power, the suspension system of the KIA Telluride has been structurally designed in a manner that makes it capable to withstand rough road conditions and rough terrain. So if you are a true off-roader then the KIA Telluride can do. Thanks to the high ground clearance of 8.1 centimeters which is a plus when off-roading. The KIA Telluride with its massive powertrain system has recorded a supersonic pick-up speed of over 6.1 seconds from 0-60. The firring speed increases according to the trim you pick with the fastest firing speed getting higher for the premium trims. Anyways, picking on any KIA Telluride assures one of out-of-the-ordinary performance. Not only do you get a car that is fast and performs well but t also a car that has power. KIA Telluride has a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. The interior of the mighty KIA Telluride is made out of quality and well-cut put design that enhances the beauty and rich sort of feeling. The cabin of the car is very spacious and can easily fit an entire family without squeezing or discomfort. Enough leg rough makes adult individuals have an easy time. Cargo space is also another aspect where the KIA Telluride worked well. We are talking about ample space that can fit four carry-on suitcases with no issues. No matter how perfect and well designed the KIA Telluride might seem to be, it also falls victim to breakdown and damage. However, with an extended warranty in position, there is absolutely zero room for worries with a problematic car. KIA Telluride extended warranty can be purchased right away before or after the factory warranty expires. Well, in case you plan on keeping your KIA Telluride car for long and perhaps you have an extended warranty on it already then you might probably questioned yourself whether if the KIA extended warranty is transferable. Yes, you can transfer a KIA extended warranty from one person to another. Purchasing a used car with an extended warranty is one instance where you can have the extended warranty transferred to the buyer if you are a seller. Plus, you are guaranteed to get extra value for the car. Here are common KIA Telluride problems;
      • Vibrating steering wheel. This is due to issues in the transmission system.
      • Poor acceleration while on freeway driving.
      • Transmission sipping.
      Good news, a KIA Telluride extended warranty is the only remedy to this menace. You do not have to worry anymore if you have purchased it. Below is a table that shows quotes offered by some of the best extended warranty providers in Canada.


      KIA Sorento is another cross-over by the Korean-based car maker whose production began in the 2000s. The model has been in the game for a long time now and so far, the make is just impressive and sells like never before. KIA Sorento boasts three rows just like its counterpart the KIA Telluride and tops in a comparison with the KIA Telluride. One key factor that makes it’s a great choice over the KIA Telluride is the availability of a hybrid version. KIA Sorento is just a perfect choice if you are after a vehicle that performance just right and is very reliable for your day-to-day activities. Due to the many engine options, the KIA Sorento has on its plates, you are given a wide array of models where you can pick on one that you think fits your needs. There are over 10 different trims offered ranging from the standard and basic to the premium and high-end. There is also an addition of a hybrid version. The basic model comes packed in a powerful powertrain system. That is; a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that can produce over 191 horsepower and 181 pound-feet of torque. A turbocharged model is also available and can pump out over 295 horsepower. The well-known eco-friendly version, that is the hybrid model comes in a 1.6-liter engine and is topped up with a 44.0-kW electric motor. All these when combined give out over 227 horsepower. Inside the interior of this genius product, you will be met with well-laid furnishing that is rich in quality. The materials used blend out to give an impressive and cool pattern. Aside from the smart and modern designs, the interior cabin space and cargo space are not that appealing. An adult for instance won’t fit comfortably in the rear seats. The cargo room has a very small cargo capacity which can fit 2 carry-on suitcases only. KIA Sorento is a great choice if you are a fast time cross-over car owner. This however doesn’t mean that the vehicle is always immune to damage and breakdown. You need a KIA Sorento extended warranty is you wish to see you KIA Sorento drive for long and in good shape. If you are wondering what does KIA extended warranty cover?  then here is the answer. A KIA extended warranty will cover for any repairs and replacements in case of any mechanical failures. KIA extended warranty cover the entire car and depending on your plans which have different parts to cover. Here are common KIA Sorento problems;
      • Engine failure.
      • Faulty ignition coil.
      • Noisy startup.
      These problems sometime become a nuisance and a pain in the ass since you end up spend a lot to fix. With a KIA Sorento extended warranty, you are assured maximum protection. In case you are wondering how much a KIA Sorento extended warranty cost, then you are the right place. A KIA Sorento extended warranty costs between $1,300 to $4,500 depending on the warranty plan you pick.

      KIA Ray.

      KIA Ray is another model produced by KIA whose production can be tracked down to the late 2000s. The 2017 version has been a game changer since it is the one that has been redesigned in over 11 years. Under the hood, you will get a gasoline engine that is a 1.6 liter 3-cylinder engine that is paired with a 4-speed transmission system. This engine has the ability to produce over 75 horsepower. The hatchback is just right and perfect for small and midsized family. You may need a KIA Ray extended warranty to help you meet the unexpected repair expenses that arise. Here are common KIA ray problems;
      • Poor transmission.
      • Engine failure.
      Here is what some rates offered by some extended warranty providers;

      KIA Sportage.

      Just from the name, you can have a clue of what the car is. This is a sporty crossover whose production began in 1993. KIA Sportage is a sporty-designed vehicle that talks the walk which is performance. The 2014 model for instance comes in over 3 trims from which you can choose. The base version comes in a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that can produce between 181-260 horsepower. The power can be attributed to its sporty nature which needs the power to perform. Here are common problems;
      • Transmission failure.
      • Engine startup noise.
      With a KIA Sportage extended warranty, you are assured maximum coverage and protection form these common problems. KIA offers different extended warranty plans. That is; Kia Platinum extended warranty, KIA gold extended warranty and KIA powertrain extended warranty.

      KIA Niro.

      This is another KIA crossover by the Korean-based car maker that was first initiated in 2016. The base model comes in two powertrain systems. We have the gasoline one and the hybrid version. One fascinating feature of the 2016 eco KIA Niro hybrid version is that you do not need to plug it to charge, the car charges itself as you drive. The KIA Niro gasoline engine is a 1.6-liter engine that has a power output of 43 horsepower. Here are common problems the KIA NIRO faces;
      • Poor transmission system.
      • Brake failure.
      • Engine startup issues.
      These problems should not a thing to worry about. You need to get yourself a KIA Niro extended warranty and safeguard your asset.

      KIA Soul.

      Another mid-size crossover by the might KIA and is doing nicely on the road. The KIA Soul is a majestic and beautiful creation by KIA whose production kicked off in 2008. The model is dynamic and offers a different powertrain version with an all-electric model included. If you are after an eco-friendly car then this is the right match. The 2015 KIA Soul is a perfect compact crossover that offers amazing features under the hood. It is a five-seater that comes with a massive and powerful engine able to produce over 164 horsepower depending on the trim you pick. Interior cabin space and cargo room have enough allowance and offer comfort as well. The interior design is impressive with good cut-out edged and crisscrossing patterns that offer a luxurious feel. Here are common KIA Soul problems;
      • Transmission errors and bad shifting.
      • Poor acceleration
      Incase you are wondering how to go about with these problems then worry no more. You can purchase a KIA Soul extended warranty that will help you meet repair and replacement costs that arise due to unforeseen faults. A KIA Soul extended warranty costs a minimum of $1,500 depending on the plan you choose. The KIA platinum extended warranty costs higher since it covers most parts in a car.

      KIA Ceed.

      If you are after quality and reliable station wagon then consider the KIA Ceed with no doubts. This is a shiny and sleek sporty station wagon that began production back in 2006. It comes in a different version of the drivetrain. We have ones that use 1.5-liter gasoline engine and the other uses diesel-powered engine. There is also an eco-friendly hybrid version that comes packed with a 48 Kilowatts battery. The exterior design looks sporty and rugged even though this is a station wagon. The engine provides enough power to push this marvelous car and is aided with an electric motor to ensure you get to chive many miles on that trip before thinking of refueling or recharging. Comes with a 7-year KIA factory warranty. However, once the expiry of the warranty reaches, you are left to bear your expenses. Here are some common problems;
      • Engine noise.
      • Suspension failures.
      With a KIA Ceed extended warranty, you will maximize protection of your car and see it drive ad feel as new for a long time. You can either choose to get the extended warranty from the factory itself or purchase it form third party sellers. KIA extended warranty here in Canada can be purchased from third party dealers such as;
      Duration.250,000 miles/10yrs200,000 miles/8 yrs200,000+ miles/8 yrs
      Cancelation policy.Within 30 daysWithin 30 daysWithin 30 days
      No of plans.565

      KIA Forte.

      This another genius creation by KIA and is so far one of the best-selling sedans by the car maker. KIA FORTE offer two engine version to the customers. They have a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder version that has a power output of over 167 horsepower and a turbocharged version which is a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder that emits over 200 horsepower. When comparing the two in terms of pick-up speed, Forte GT turbocharged performs high achieving 6.7 seconds from 0-60 while the other version attaining 7.2 seconds. The non-turbocharged one is notably slower than the turbo charged one. If you are after a sedan that will performs just right and save you fuel then this is the right one for you. The 2019 Forte GT for instance recorded over 41 mpg on highway and combined 35mpg on both city and high way. If you want a sedan that will drive past that gas station then look no further. Now despite this sedan being that big deal, it is never perfect not immune to faults and breakdowns. To ensure that you drive it with zero worries, consider purchasing a KIA Forte extended warranty. Some will ask, how much is an extended on KIA? Well, the answer is here. Extended warranties prices on KIA depending on various factors such as the plan you decide to pick, the seller’s quote and so much more. The best price one gets an extended warranty for his/her KIA is over $1,400. Here are common problems the KIA Forte faces;
      • Rough engine operation.
      • Engine knocking sounds and overheating.
      • Overheating transmission leading to por shifting.
      Some of these problems can be too much to bear by your own since they tend to be expensive. No need to worry or fear for your KIA Forte if you have a KIA Forte extended warranty at hand. Not only will it save you from costly expenses but also enable you live a stress-free life and drive with confidence.


      KIA is one company that is a no brainer when it comes to producing reliable and efficient machines. If you are looking for a car that you can indeed get satisfied with its performance and quality. KIA is where to knock doors. However, this does not mean that KIA models are far different from other machineries in terms of maintenance. They breakdown and get fault just like any other cars. This is why we are introducing to you KIA extended warranties. This will ease your experience with any KIA model and protect you from unforeseen expenses and cost that comes when your KIA gets faulty.