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      Nissan Ariya Extended Warranty

      Nissan Ariya is an electric vehicle compact SUV car. It’s arguably the best-looking EV SUV with sporty edges from the rear end and sporty LED headlights and taillights. The car comes with 21-inch alloy wheels as standard. Nissan has grown its reputation for making amazing interior looks. The car has stitched leather interior that gives it a luxurious feeling. Climate controls come. The car has touchpad climate controls that give it a techy feel. The infotainment system has a high definition and responsive 12.3-inch display, making it driver-friendly, which also comes with Android Auto and Apple car play. The car has a high-definition digital driver display that displays important information about the car to the driver, such as speed, range, and battery capacity.

      In terms of practicality, the car has a two-point electrically adjusted sporty steering wheel which gives the car perfect handling with a turning radius of 2 meters. It has cup holders strategically placed with an electrically operated glove box on the passenger’s dash. The seats are electrically adjusted zero gravity seats, with generous leg room at the second-row seats and a sliding center console that can reshape the sense of comfort.

      Powertrain properties.

      The All-Wheel-Drive system comprises of Dual induction motor in which two different battery sizes are going to be offered a 63.0-kWh battery is standard, and a large 87.0-kWh pack is optional. According to Nissan, front-wheel drive models offer a claimed 0-60 mph time of 7.2 seconds, so if you are looking for more power, consider the more powerful all-wheel drive, which is significantly faster. The model got estimated to zip from 0-60 mph in 5.0 seconds.

      According to Nissan, the car offers up to 300 miles of driving range for Venture+ models and 285 miles per charge for the Evolve+. The Ariya will be capable of charging at home on 110- or 240-volt outlets and at public charging stations and even DC fast charging ports.


      The Ariya will feature ProPilot 2.0, Nissan’s second generation of the ProPilot semi-autonomous technology, as an optional feature. The system allows drivers to remove their hands from the wheels in certain driving scenarios, such as lane departure. In terms of braking, it comes with standard automated braking with pedestrian detection and standard lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist. 

      Why Nissan Arita extended warranty?

      On the occasion of any technical failures in the car, the all-exclusive extended warranty got it covered. An extended warranty sometimes called a service agreement, service contract, or maintenance agreement, is a prolonged warranty offered to consumers in addition to the standard warranty. Upon purchase of the Nissan Ariya, the car comes with a power train warranty covering 60,000 miles, a battery warranty covering 100,000 miles, and no complimentary scheduled maintenance.

      Common problems

      Some of the common problems with electric vehicles include battery failures. Overheating the battery tends to cause fires which have been a headache for electric vehicle car users, and as a result, it has been costly. Failures on the car transmission and dual- motors greatly bear on the cost of repair, which turns out to be expensive. Also, electronic failures in the car are costly since the car is highly programmed. That means failure of one component will lead to many unplanned expenses for the car user. Problems associated with the car chassis are common with accidents. Since the car’s paint is of high quality, painting it will be costly to the car owner. The extended warranty on the Nissan Ariya will cover all the addressed problems, and will save on the costs.


      As discussed, getting an extended car warranty will benefit the car owner in many ways. It helps to ensure the optimal function of the car. The battery is arguably the major component of electric vehicles and is a very expensive proportion. After the expiry of the manufactures warranty, the extended warranty comes in and save on cost for the car owner. The warranty will also save on the time for the repair to the car owner. That is because the warranty is on standby in case of any failures or repairs needed for the vehicle. The warranty also guarantees customers satisfaction through peace of mind.

      Getting the Nissan Ariya extended warranty by the car owner is highly advised and encouraged when purchasing the car. Many owners of electric vehicles have chosen the option of the extended warranty as it is reliable.