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      Nissan Leaf Extended Warranty


      Since the arrival of the 21st century, cries and the need for going green have been growing tremendously. The changing climate and the requirements of shifting to green energy have also been a discussion ad campaign running all over the globe. Nissan was not left behind as many large carmakers started producing EV models. There are a couple of EV models by Nissan, but this article will only talk about one, the Nissan Leaf and the need for a Nissan Leaf extended warranty.

      Just from the name, it’s clear enough that this is no ordinary vehicle. The Nissan Leaf is a BEV model by Nissan that became a reality in 2011. The model is run by a chargeable battery pack attached to an electrical motor that converts battery power into mechanical force. That is basically how most BEV vehicles work.

      Importance of extended warranty on Nissan Leaf?

      Do you know how vital a Nissan Leaf extended warranty is to your model? Well, you will get to see that. Keep reading! Those WHO Have previously purchased vehicles can testify to the fact that they may have been, in one situation, exposed to extended warranties. But due to a lack of sufficient knowledge or trust in extended warranties, one ignores getting an extended warranty as an extra add-on.

      But what you might have ignored is something you should have agreed to purchase without thinking twice. Nissan Leaf’s extended warranty comes with mind-blowing benefits and advantages you might never find anywhere else. An extended warranty offers excellent security to your vehicle and protects it from any unforeseen problems that you might not be able to handle by yourself.

      1. Peace of mind.

      Imagine cruising down the street or up a hill with zero worries about your vehicle. That is always every driver’s dream, but very few get to that point. However, with an extended warranty, you will enjoy that peace of mind you might be missing. With an extended warranty, a call away, any problems that might come along the way will never be problematic. Peace of mind finds its way to you.

      2. Saves costs.

      Nissan Leaf is no different from any other vehicle. Just like other vehicles, it breaks down and will need attention. But now, depending on the damages or faulty parts, costs vary. The powertrain parts consisting of the battery pack, motors and suspension are among the most expensive ones to repair. Gladly, a Nissan Leaf extended warranty eases things up. You end up paying a small deductible monthly and get any issues done for you freely. Check out common problems of Nissan Leaf models;

      PartsEstimated repair cost
      Air-condition system$1,000
      Rattling body panel$500
      Failing electric motor$1000- $5,000
      Suspension noises$800- $2,000
      Poor electrical components$300- $700

      3. Upholds car’s quality.

      Nissan Leaf is neither unique nor different in a way that makes it immune to problems. As you go about your daily routine with your Nissan Leaf, it loses value. The vehicle will not be in the same shape and form five years after purchasing. But now, the condition will depend on how you treat your car.

      Reckless driving and poor maintenance routine are among the behavior that ruins your vehicle that much. However, once you do the opposite of that and add an extended warranty, you will see your vehicle’s condition upheld for a longer time.

      4. boosts car resale value.

      An extended warranty comes with another benefit that involves increasing the resale value of your car. If you plan to resell the vehicle after a given period, the car’s weight determines how much you will sell it. A pristine and tip-top vehicle will sell higher than a poorly kept one.

      But what will make your vehicle’s value not go low? Well, securing a Nissan Leaf extended warranty, the earlier, the better. Let’s say you plan to resale the vehicle after ten years; you will probably reap big since the vehicle’s condition will be upheld.

      5. Extra benefits.

      Once you cover your Nissan Leaf with an extended warranty, you will enjoy a lot more than just protection. That is because extended warranties come with other benefits that you will find so fascinating. Among the benefits are;

      • 24/7 roadside assistance
      • Free towing in case of emergency
      • Renta car reimbursement
      • Trip interruption reimbursement


      Nissan leaf is an excellent vehicle if you are looking for an alternative to gasoline versions. The car comes with both interior and exterior top-level designs, paired with a rather powerful powertrain system. The battery pack with the model is reliable and has reported driving for over 300 miles on a single charge.

      But as time goes by, problems will begin to knock on doors. Since most BEVs are always expensive to repair and maintain, the Nissan Leaf will also be a problem. Fortunately, there is a remedy to that problem. A Nissan Leaf extended warranty is all you need.