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      Nissan Murano Extended Warranty


      Nissan Murano is a 5-seater midsize SUV that has been in the industry for now over three decades. Production of the first-generation models began in 2002 up to 2007 when Nissan Murano models got halted. It was until 200 when the second phase of production kick-started and is still going on up to this present time. This article digs into the Nissan Murano extended warranty. That is the need for Nissan extended warranty, Nissan Murano models and a call to action. Keep reading.

      Is a Nissan Murano extended warranty Necessary?

      The question above lingers through every car owner’s mind once they encounter an “extended warranty.” This is one question that cannot be answered by one word. To begin with, let’s get to learn a bit about the factory warranty. Every brand-new Nissan Murano straight from the factory comes with the factory warranty By Nissan. The factory warranty comes as either a 3-year limited warranty or a 5-year powertrain warranty.

      Any mechanical damages to the vehicles will all be dealt with at the service center designated by the factory. That is only for parts that are covered in the contract. Sadly, the factory warranties do not last that long. They expire after the given period expires.

      Therefore, purchasing an extension to the factory warranty remains the best working option to get continued protection for the car. That extension comes in the form of an “extended warranty” In this context; you need to have a Nissan Murano extended warranty. That is, if you wish to protect your vehicles from unforeseen problems.

      You get one from a dealership or through a third-party dealership. Although third-party providers have remained the most trusted and efficient, you link with them perfectly. Check out the table below showing some of the best-extended warranty providers and their respective plans and estimated cost.

      CarchexGold$10018 months$131 per month
      EnduranceSilver$10036 months$2,000
      Car shieldPlatinum$10012 months$156 per month

      Benefits of Nissan Murano extended warranty.

      Peace of mind

      This is the only advantage you will enjoy once an extended warranty covers your Nissan Murano. The peace that comes along is astonishing and one you might have been looking for so long. Once you’ve got peace of mind, overall well-being follows.

      Saves cost

      Within the Nissan Murano, some parts are always expensive to repair. Once faulty, you end up spending your hard-earned cash on fixing them. Extended warranties unburden all that load off your back as the contract takes over those costly maintenance bills.

      Restores the vehicle’s value

      Once your vehicle gets covered under an extended warranty, its value will be upheld and maintained. That is because an extended warranty works handy in seeing your car through any hardships while still maintaining its form.

      Nissan Murano models

      Here are some models you check out as you plan on shopping for one

      2010 Nissan Murano.

      The stylish and nicely designed models are a clean and appealing gem. There are more than enough features to admire about the Nissan Murano. To begin with, the vehicle comes with a 3.5 liter V- 6 engine with a power output of over 296 horsepower and 265 lb-ft worth of torque.

      The engine is more responsive and punchy once you press the gas pedal, and shifting is super quick courtesy of a CVT transmission system mated to the engine. With such immense powertrain power, it’s by no surprise rocketing from zero to sixty in just 7.8 seconds.

      The super fine suspension system and the smooth steering system work together, attaining a s flawless driving. In the interior, you get a neatly designed cabin that is flashy as well. The comfortable and clean seats with enough head and leg room are also available.

      Common problems

      • Engine overheating
      • Transmission flaws
      • Fuel pump problems
      • Troubled ignition

      With such issues above, you might be terrified and perhaps thinking twice about whether to purchase a Nissan Murano. Fortunately, all worries eventually fade once you get a 2010 Nissan Murano extended warranty.

      2017 Nissan Murano

      The 2017 Nissan Murano still encompasses all features that Nissan has embraced in the Murano series. All trims of this model come with a stylish and fancy interior, more than enough cabin room and a super cool powertrain system.

      We are talking about a standard 3.5 Liter V-6 engine paired to a CVT automatic transmission system. Unfortunately, the engine is not that responsive to acceleration. Its performance is not as solid and steady as a sporty vehicle but instead works best just for the model itself.

      Common issues

      • Oil and coolant leaks
      • Shaking suspension
      • Poor acceleration
      • Engine power loss


      Nissan Murano is a midsize SUV you would love to own. The vehicle feels and drives steadily and still offers above-the-ordinary luxury ad comfort. But seeing the vehicle drive as new for the longest time is one of the most significant challenges you might have to overcome.

      The good news is that there is a shortcut to that. A Nissan extended warranty si what you might be missing. The problems above and many more to come won’t be a thing to worry about anymore.