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      Nissan Pathfinder Extended warranty

      The Nissan pathfinder is a huge 7-seater SUV which has been under production since the early 80S. The model is well-known and loved by many car enthusiasts thanks to its large interior space with a three-three seating arrangement ideal for huge families. The mid-size SUV comes with a powerful powertrain system to support and ensure maximum performance as well as interior luxury and comfort.

      A powerful axle and suspension system sits below the beast ready to tackle any kind of terrain. Thanks to a 7-inch ground clearance and a strong suspension system that ensures there is traction on snowy roads and comfort even on bumpy and dirt roads. Inside the interior, you get there is more than enough space, comfort and luxury. In short, the Nissan Pathfinder is “a jack of all trades”

      Why a Nissan Pathfinder extended warranty?

      But the happiness and excitement the first couple of months once you own a Nissan Pathfinder begins to fade away. Reason being, the frequent and sudden breakdown within the vehicle. You driving habits and the effort you put int car maintenance matters a lot and affects the shape and form of the vehicle.

      However, vehicles in general are never made immune to any of the problems occurring. Therefore, you just have to accept the issue and move on. Your vehicle will definitely need maintenance and care all time. For such a powerful and enormous SUV, you are gonna have to dig deeper to get it going. It will never be easy especially once the factory warranty is due.

      Gladly, there is a solution to the problems that may come up once you call A Nissan Pathfinder your own. “  Nissan Pathfinder Extended warranty” is the missing word. With that, you are guaranteed maximum protection against unforeseen breakdowns that might be costly and hefty to handle by yourself.

      Here is a table showing some of best extended warranty providers in the market.

      CarshieldTitanium18 months$190/month
      EnduranceSupreme36 months$77/month
      Protect my carSupremeMonthly$89
      CarchexNew car Diamond18 months$87/month

      What are benefits of securing an extended warranty for Nissan Pathfinder.

      Investing in an extended warranty has for so long been underrated and taken lightly. Many car owners do not see or realise the importance of a Nissan Pathfinder extended warranty and how crucial it is. However, if you want to look after your car in the best manner ever, add-ons such as extended warranties must be included. They are not a burden or unworthy but save you big in unimaginable way. Check out;

      1.Save costs.

      Extended warranty will save your hard-earned cash in best form ever. A Nissan Pathfinder for instance is an expensive machine that needs extra care and maintenance. Most of its parts come expensive to replace and the labor of servicing and repairing is also high. With the current rising costs of commodities, you will surely have to dig deep and deep in your wallet.

      However, with an extended warranty in place, you will pay way less than the set amount or in some instances pay nothing.

      Below is a small table showing the costly repairs in a Nissan Pathfinder

      Part                             Estimated repair cost
      Engine$500- $5,000
      Transmission$1,000- $4,000
      Fuel pump$1,000- $2,500
      Head gasket$600-$2,000
      Air conditioning$80- $500
      Power sterring$300- $1,800

      2. Restores the vehicle’s well-being

      Once a Nissan Pathfinder extended warranty is in action, your Nissan Pathfinder will never stall or breakdown beyond recovery. This is because, once you get into a problem, only a phone call gets things done. The vehicle does not find room to stall in any way. Faster reaction to problems will obviously keep your vehicle going for the longest time and in a better way.

      Nissan Pathfinder models.

      Here is a small list showing yearly models of the Nissan Pathfinder.

      2017 Nissan Pathfinder.

      The model is available in over 4 trims; S, SV, SL and the premium platinum version. All the models come in a similar 3.5 liter V-6 engines that has a power output of over 284 horsepower and 259 lb-ft of torque. On top pf that, you get a CVT transmission system attached as well. That is more power to ensure the beast is up and running with no glitches.

      The interior is surprisingly huge and perfect for a huge family size. You also get a modernized and updated infotainment system and other top-tech controls.

      Common problems.

      • Whining power steering
      • Ignition failure due to engine stalling
      • Electrical components failure
      • Transmission failure

      A 2017 Pathfinder extended warranty is the only solution to the occurring problems above. With it secured, no need to worry about either of them because the provider has got your back.

      2015 Nissan Pathfinder.

      The model comes with the very same trims and both a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive. The engine capacity is a 3.5-liter V-6 engine producing 260 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque.

      Inside the interior, the cabin space is very efficient and seats up to 7 passengers with a 79 cubic ft cargo room. The modern finishing and stylish design is also notable and very compelling alongside a great infotainment system and comfortable seats.

      Common problems.

      • Rust invasion
      • Startup issues
      • Leaking transmission fluids
      • Rattling engine on acceleration

      Looking to see you 2017 Nissan Pathfinder in a better form. Well, ensure you put in more effort on maintenance and on top of that purchase a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder extended warranty.


      Nissan Pathfinder is a perfect mid-size SUV that has a huge interior space and also versatile performance. Whether on a dirt-road, icy road or any other rough terrain, you are guaranteed excellent performance by the beast.

      The vehicle is a truly a gem that needs to be secure for the better part. You can do that by securing a Nissan Pathfinder extended warranty which will cover the car against any unforeseen problems from occurring within the vehicle.