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      Nissan Titan Extended Warranty

      Going by the name Titan, the Nissan Titan indeed is a true reflection of the name. It is a full-size truck that comes with a very powerful powertrain system, spacious interior and cargo room as well as an enormous towing capacity.

      It is available as a small king-cab and a large crew-carbo setting. If you are the off-roader type of driver, then the Nissan Titan is what you must have. A good ground clearance, strong and rigid suspension system and stable axle system are so much ideal for rough terrain driving. You are guarantee stable control and handling once you are behind the wheels of this beast. All thanks to the steady power steering system that comes along.

      The cargo room in the rear end of the truck is so big and more than enough. The cargo room can be used to carry good worth over making the truck a preferred choose for light weight commercial use.

      Why Nissan Titan extended warranty?

      You are advised to secure in a Nissan Titan extended warranty once you own any Nissan Titan model. Unfortunately, most individuals do not see the importance an extended warranty until challenges begin to swing in.

      The factory warranty that comes with new Nissan Titan trucks should not blind you in any way. The 3 year limited warranty and or the 5-year powertrain warranty are the two types of warranties that when you purchase a new Nissan Titan.

      However, they do not really meet the owner’s full needs. One limitation they have is a short coverage duration, If you plan on keeping your truck for the longest time, you’ll have problems indeed. Costly repairs and frequent breakdowns will eventually come in and the experience won’t be tolerable.

      Check out the table below with common problems related to Nissan Titan and their respective estimated repair cost.

      ProblemEstimated repair cost
      Catalytic converter problem$945-$2,470
      Braking system failure$100-$1,500
      Fuel pump issues$600
      Ignition problems$100-$800

      One thing a Nissan Titan extended warranty will ensure is security against expensive repair costs. Any cost that along when you repair or replace any parts in the truck will all be catered for by the provider. Therefore, you are assured security and protection from any other that.

      In return, you end up saving cost and boosting your saving spirits. Once your Nissan Titan maintenance issues are not a problem anymore, of course peace of mind slither straight to you. This is the moment to invest in a Nissan Titan extended warranty.

      Nissan Titan models.

      2014 Nissan Titan.

      The 2014 Titan comes as both King and crew-cab designs. All the trims of the 2014 Titan comes with a similar 5.6 liter V-8 engine. The engine power is so massive considering the specs that comes with the engine itself.

      That is over 317 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque produced. On top of that, you get a 6-speed automatic transmission system paired and a choice of either a rear or all-wheel drive mode. Unfortunately, the huge engine capacity comes with a setback and that is low fuel economy. You are only guaranteed 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway.

      The interior of the 2014 Nissan Titan focuses a lot on functionality instead of fanciness and luxury. That is evident with more of controls that are easy to use, modern and near to reach. The interior space is just right with enough legroom, headroom and shoulder room. In the rear part, there is a massive cargo area that can tow up to 9,5000 pounds.

      Common problems

      • Catalytic converter issues
      • Fuel pump failure
      • Axle overheating
      • Suspension noises

      The Nissan Titan 2014 version is more than a truck. It comes with feature that are worth dying for a. Therefore, you must ensure that the truck is free and out of any problems. What will help you on achieving that is only a 2014 Nissan Titan extended warranty.

      2010 Nissan Titan
      The 2010 Nissan Titan comes with no big difference from the 2014 Nissan Titan. The model is available in two configurations of the King Cad and the crew-cab. Under the hood, is the usual mascular-sized 5.6 Liter V-8 engine.

      The engine breathes out over 317 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. That is enough power to pull and haul huge amounts of cargo. Thanks to the spacious cargo room in the rear of the truck that has more than enough space. A cargo worth over 9,000 minds is no big deal as the truck is able to pull with no struggles.

      Common problems

      • Overheating powertrain
      • Fluid leakages
      • Corrosion
      • Poor electrical wiring

      A truck this huge comes with huge maintenance costs. The problems above will be a run for your money once they happen. Therefore, you must equip yourself with necessary things that will help you overcome the maintenance burden. That can only be 2010 Nissan Titan extended warranty.


      The Nissan Titan is a big truck that comes with big cargo room, a powerful and strong powertrain and a crazy towing capacity. It among the most versatile pick-up truck you can ever think of owning. Unfortunately, looking after one is never that easy.

      For a pick-up truck of such caliber, expect a huge maintenance cost. Expensive repairs and hard-to find replacement parts will pose such a threat to its well-being. Gladly, with the introduction of an extended warranty, you are promised relief from any of those. The relief comes in the form of protection from costly repairs and the unforeseen breakdowns on the truck. Don’t wait till its too far to act, this is the time to invest in a Nissan Titan extended warranty.