Porsche falls among the world’s most known and reputable car makers that exist in time. The carmaker has been in place for a very long time now, and one thing that has remained consistent is the quality during manufacturing. Porsche has, from the beginning, been on the front line in making one of the world’s supercars rich in luxury and best for extreme performance. Up to date, Porsche is still working and improving each model now and then.

Porsche factory warranty

Every new Porsche model fresh from the factory doors always comes with a 4-year factory warranty. This warranty covers breakdowns of the selected parts caused by mechanical damages and electrical faults. Also, the model comes with a 2-year warranty for replacing the Porsche model’s parts and accessories.

Unfortunately, the protection the factory warranty gives is just for a short period; afterward, it expires. Once the factory warranty is due, the vehicle owner is left to meet all expenses related to repairs and replacement. It gets so challenging once you cannot cater to the costs that arise.

Porsche extended warranty

Luckily, with extended Porsche warranties, it’s now easier to look after your Porsche vehicle. A Porsche extended warranty is an extension to the factory warranty and comes into aid when your Porsche gets problematic. The extended warranty will account for any expenses that come as a result of the damage.

The car owners only need to pay off a small deductible and, in some instances, not a single coin. After that, the vehicle will be repaired, and if a replacement is needed, so shall it be done. On that note, when shopping for a brand new or used Porsche, you must never ignore an extended Porche warranty when offered.

Benefits of Porsche extended warranty.

Buying a Porsche extended warranty is not a mean achievement. It comes with lots of benefits you might want to experience as well;

1.    Peace of mind.

Peace and not just any other ordinary peace but peace of mind is the exact treasure that many people seek. One way to enjoy peace of mind is by securing an extended warranty. That means all you worry about the problems you come across with your Porsche will all be gone. All you got to do is make that one phone call.

2.    Saves cost.

Porsche is among the costliest vehicles to maintain. That revolves around repairs, replacements, and even fueling. Gladly, once you have a Porsche extended warranty, you will have cut short spending on maintenance. Instead, you will divert the money meant for maintenance into other purposes.

Here are two ways to buy Porsche extended warranty;

Porsche extended warranty from Porsche Dealerships.

Porsche has easily accessed extended warranties from their selected dealership and even where you purchase their vehicles. The extended Porsche warranty comes in two different plans that cover your vehicle for over 10 years to 100,000 miles.

We have the Platinum plan and the Powertrain plan

Platinum plan

This is the most extensive plan; coverage is guaranteed over 10 years. The Porsche platinum extended warranty cost varies depending on the specific parts you want to be covered in the warranty. In an event where you need to make a claim, then you need to have at least $200, which is paid as a deductible. However, if you claim the dealership where you bought the vehicle, the company waives the deductible.

Powertrain plan.

The powertrain plan is a plan that is explicitly bought to cover the powertrain parts. Powertrain parts are involved in power generation and the core parts within a vehicle. Since they are so expensive to repair and replace, you must ensure that an extended Porsche warranty covers them.

Porsche extended warranty from third party providers

Purchasing an extended warranty Porsche is not limited to only the specified Porsche dealers. You can also buy the extended warranty from third party dealerships. Currently, there are lots of third-party dealerships that have ventured into the provision of extended warranty plans. Extended Porsche warranty plans purchased from third party dealerships tend to be very cheap and offer extensive coverage. There are many third-party dealers out here, and we are among the best you can check out.


Owning a Porsche model is always a dream for many car enthusiasts. Porsche has been among the pioneer car makers making quality and luxury vehicles for a long time. Unfortunately, all these models pass through the same depreciation process and begin to lose value.

Over time, problems begin to pop in and make the ownership hectic and expensive. To get you going, we are introducing to you Porsche extended warranty.