Have you just bought your dream car but the car is used and you are having a problem of whether will run for a long time and be in good shape? Is the car warranted? Well, worry no more because extended warranties got you covered. Used car Extended warranties are an extension to the factory warranty which is meant to protect your car from unforeseen breakdowns and your wallet from unforeseen expenses too. Breakdowns and faults do happen a lot to machinery and car are amongst the most affected due to that. Handling your car well by giving the best care and protection is never that easy. It can get expensive sometimes. This is why you need an extended warranty the most.

Used cars which have been used for a long time and have a huge mileage are usually worrisome to some individuals. This is because, the more a car is used, the more the breakdown chances increases. As is nature to cars, they are always depreciating assets. This means that a brand-new car bought now and used for the next 5 years or so will not be in the form it is now. The car will reach a point where it might begin getting problematic. Financial constraints and difficulty are now hit hard at such a point. Some folks shun away from used cars due to such negative thoughts.

However, this article will clear the air off the bad thought of used cars. Currently, when you buy a used car, you can be able to get an extended warranty from either the car dealership, third-party provider, or the seller if the car had an extended warranty already. Wu than extended warranty, you are assured that any faults which might arise in the period before it expires won’t be a thing to worry about. In case you are still in a dilemma or wondering where you can purchase a used car extended warranty, then here are the top 5 best sellers to look at;

  1. Carchex.

This is a giant company based in the US and so far the most renowned and reputable used c extended warranty and vehicle service contract provider. The company is the most rated with most of its customers giving the provider from 3 to 5 stars rating. This is also accompanied by positive feedback and good reviews. This is a clear indication that indeed Carchex never disappoints. If you are having a rough time trying to look in the market from the best-extended warranty provider the this should be your immediate pick. The company offers different types of extended warranty coverage plans. Two mains are; Powertrain warranty and the more exclusive that our bumper to bumper warranty. There are also over 5 coverage plans. That is; Titanium(10 yrs), Platinum(10yrs), Gold(10), Silver(9yrs), Bronze (9yrs).

  1. Endurance.

This is another trusted used car extended warranty provider to hit up if you want to secure your used car from unforeseen problems. It was founded in 2006 had so far grown into a top provider and falls in the ranks of the top 5 best warranty providers in the market. The company has tons of offers on its plate and a hot deal to die for. The 4.5-to-5-star reviews are clear evidence that this is the one. Endurance is unique in the way it handles its business with clients. Unlike other providers, there are no third-party members involved such as brokers in its activities such as filing a client. This I why the company has a good transparency rating. There are six levels of coverage offered by the company. We have; Superior, Supreme, Secure plus, Secure, Select premier, and Endurance Advantage.

  1. Carshield.

Just as the name is, this company is known for shielding its customer from unexpected repair expenses any time the car falls ”ill”. The company has served thousands of happy clients and this can be attributed to the positive reviews and high ratings. The company offers 6 levels of coverage from which you can choose. New car diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Motorcycle, and ATV are some of the plans under car shield.

  1. Protectmycar.

This is also another good option if you are looking to protect your used car and get an extended warranty at a friendly cost. Ambassador maintenance plans cover a car with no mileage limit while the standard plans cover up to 125,000 miles. There are three levels of plans offered, that is; Driveline, Supreme, and Select. The is no exact price outline by the company. If you need to know one, then better request a free quote.

  1. Concord Auto protect.

This is still a rising company since it began its operation just a few years back. The warranty provider despite its age does a lot in ensuring consumer needs are met. There are amazing plans and perks offered by the company. There are three warranty plans offered by Concord, we have; Premium, Advanced, and Powertrain. The company had a high rating in terms of Business Bureau and Trustpilot. Plans offered by Concord are also transferable. If you buy a used car that still has an existing warranty, it can be transferred to you.

If you are looking to secure your used car then a used car extended warranty is a must-have. The above providers are amongst the best in the market and offer amazing deals and offers. Now you should walk into any of the 5 companies or contact them directly for amazing deals.