If you own a Nissan Altima, it’s only natural that people driving a lesser model of car would see you as some rich person. On the contrary, they don’t know that your Nissan Altima cost a lot to fix repairs and make some replacements. If you just bought one recently, you’re no different from them.

Although the Nissan Altima model comes with a great deal of coverage, you would still need to get extra protection for your vehicle. This is when an extended car warranty comes in.

Anextended car warranty is an extra protection you get for your car to cover the cost of repairs and replacement parts as soon as the original Auto insurance expires. In other words, if you purchased an extended warranty package for your Nissan car, it begins to read once the original factory coverage expires.

Is buying a Nissan Extended car warranty worth it?

Believe me, if there were other ways to explain how important getting a Nissan Extended warranty is, we would use that medium to explain.

We already know how much repairs cost. The cost of repairs for an ordinary Camry cannot be compared to that of a Nissan Altima.

If for instance you’re involved in a car accident while driving without an extended car warranty, and after treating any wounds you may have incurred you take your car to the repair shop. I promise you, you’re going to be shocked just how expensive it is to replace some certain parts.

Now, on the other hand, someone involved in a car accident and has an active extended warranty package doesn’t need to be worried about paying for the cost of repairs because the extended car warranty has covered such payments.

To answer the question “ is buying a Nissan extended car warranty worth it?” yes, it is.

What is covered under a Nissan extended warranty?

When purchasing a Nissan extended car warranty, you have the added advantage of choosing between three packages namely;

  • Gold preferred extended warranty
  • Silver preferred extended warranty
  • Powertrain extended warranty

They all offer a great deal of coverage and one of them would suit your estimated budget if you made your research correctly.

Gold preferred extended car warranty

This package offers the highest coverage when compared to others. It protects every component in your car. That is, if your car gets damaged, the chances of you not paying a dime for repairs and replacements are very high. The only thing that the Gold preferred package doesn’t cover is minor damages that you can handle yourself which includes car maintenance, car paints, and wiper blades, etc.

Silver preferred extended car warranty

This package covers all components covered in the Powertrain preferred package with 690+ extra components and additional benefits.

The components covered in this package include; transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical, towing services, car rental reimbursement, trip interruption benefits, Nissan air conditioning, rear-wheel drive, and our wheel drive.

Powertrain preferred extended car warranty

This package covers repairs for mechanical breakdown and damages. The components covered include; engine, suspension, electrical, fuel system, Steering, Nissan air conditioning, 24-hour roadside emergency, Brakes, front-wheel drive, and the Rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

The type of Nissan extended warranty package you decide to go for determines the amount of coverage you’d get. But regardless of all of them not having equal coverage, they’re still great warranty plans.

How much does a Nissan Extended warranty cost?

Knowing the cost of Nissan’s extended warranty is determined by various factors.

  • The type of coverage you choose will have a different cost from the other ones. If you go for the Gold plan, you’d pay a lot more than those going for the Powertrain package.
  • If your car has high mileage, you’ll pay a higher amount for your extended car warranty.
  • The model of your car also has a role to play.

However, bear in mind that it’s not something you’ll need to break the bank for. It’s a better option to get an extended car warranty than depending on yourself to pay for all damages that may happen at some point.

Better to be safe than sorry.